My Education

I’m lucky to have been given a life-changing education from the very beginning, giving me skills and knowledge that have served me on every step of my journey, and helped shape me into the person I am today.

My Early Career

My career journey is one that has taken me across the globe, doing consultancy work that was both vital and rewarding, work which I recommend to any young professional or graduate.

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The Physicist

There is so much about Physics that captivates me, the beauty that lies beneath the theories, the mathematical elegance of its formalisms, the way it unshackles the imagination.

Undoubtedly, Physics is my one true passion.

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The Educator

I believe in the power and capacity for change of education, that it enables, drives social mobility, and inspires the next generation to do better. For me teaching isn’t just about facts and knowledge, it’s about providing students with critical thinking skills and the tools to succeed.

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The Entrepreneur

In my professional career, I’ve always sought out new challenges, gravitating towards innovation and novelty, which is why I was never truly satisfied until I was able to set out as an entrepreneur, to be the master of my own fate.

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The Author

I’ve used my knowledge and experience to create a range of books designed to help A-Level Physics students with their studies. These books are available to buy now on Amazon.


Features and design of capacitors, connections is series and in parallel, charging and discharging capacitors.

Circular Motion

Formalism of the circular motion, uniform circular motion, centripetal force and centripetal acceleration and applications.

Gravitational Fields

Newton’s law of gravity, gravitational field strength and potential, escape velocity, satellites, Kepler’s laws  and energy.

Simple Harmonic Motion

Features, equations and conditions of SHM, phase difference, forced and damped oscillations, energy considerations & applications

Contact Me

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people”. 
Eleanor Roosevelt