The Entrepreneur

Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.

Farrah Gray

There is a unique fire that burns in the heart of every successful entrepreneur—the entrepreneurial spirit, this drive and determination that sits beside a passion that never diminishes. Without it, venturing into the world of businesses and starting your own company can be akin to Sisyphus, pushing a boulder up a hill for eternity.

It is this spirit that has led me to form two companies of my own, both of which were formed in London – Phi Tuition in 2014 and Sophis Educational Systems Ltd in 2018. These companies began with a small personal investment, and have grown into tremendous organic successes through a combination of hard work and skill.

The success of these companies has in part been informed by my previous work as a management and technology consultant. This experience gave me first-hand insight into how a successful company

should be run, as well as the critical skills I would need to help my company achieve the same.

Of course, no entrepreneur can do it alone, and I have been blessed to have had a fantastic team of individuals around me. People whose insights, advice and assistance have helped with everything from product design to accountancy.

To young and aspiring entrepreneurs I would say this: cultivate leadership and businesses skills, no idea no matter how innovative or remarkable can succeed on merit alone. And above all else, approach everything with vision – this means looking with an eye set firmly on the long term impact of any choice and considering the whole picture with no limitations or blind spots.